Starters, Sides & Nibbles

Fish & Shellfish

King Prawn Cocktail £9.50

Chowder smoked haddock, mussels, savoy & potato £6.50

Salmon gravadlax rye bread, pickled cucumber, honey & mustard dressing £7.50

1/2 Pint Shell on Atlantic Prawns with garlic mayonnaise & rye bread £&.50

Shell on crevettes with garlic, parsley & chilli butter £9.50

Hastings fishcakes with herb & caper creme fraiche £6.50

Salads & Sides

Chicory, Pear & Walnut salad with a stilton dressing £6.50

Mixed Salad £3.50

Chips & garlic mayonnaise £3.50

Small Plates

Pork terrine piccalilli & sour dough toast £6.50

Hummus with harissa dressing £3.50

Chickpea Falafel with tahini & cumin dressing £3.50

Haricot Beans braised with tomato, dill & olive oil £3.50

Roasted red peppers with caper berries £3.50

Caponata aubergine, celery, pine nuts, tomato, onion & orange peel £3.50


Salted pistachios £2.50

Marinated Olives £2.50

Banderillas olives wrapped in marinated anchovies £3.50

Marinated anchovies & caper berries £3.50

Crusty bread £1.50

Toasted pitta £1.50

Fish & ShellfishSmoked Haddock Chowder with mussels, kale and potato £6.50King Prawn Cocktail £9.50Salmon gravadlax rye bread, pickled cucumber, honey & mustard dressing £7.50Smoked Salmon rye bread, pickled cucumber, horseradish cream £10.501/2 pint shell on Atlantic prawns with garli...
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